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La Nueva Cañada

Our culinary journey

La Cañada restaurant was a classic among the classics. It was founded by Agustín Verdasco in 1970 and over time it established itself as a reference gastronomic stop on the northwest periphery of Madrid. Especially famous is its Madrid stew, prepared in the traditional way and served in two turns: first, the soup, and then the chickpeas and the meat that accompanies them. And now, from the center of Boadilla, La Nueva Cañada will continue to whet our appetite to enjoy the best of our product and gastronomy.

La Nueva CañadaClassic of the Spanish kitchen

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Opening hours and Takeaway!

Monday – Sunday: 13:00h – 18:00h

Tuesday – Saturday: 20:00h – 1:00h

The Menu

What the press says

The individual cooking in two turns, in the style of La Bola, is the undisputed star. The noodles arrive in a deep plate, over which the broth is poured directly from the clay pot cooked over low heat over oak charcoal...

La Cañada: Half a century of cooking... and moreEL MUNDO

Enjoy one of the most emblematic dishes of the region, the Madrid stew, and do so, moreover, in restaurants with a history as interesting as the recipe itself.

5 good stews (and with history) to enjoy in MadridLa Razón

It is no coincidence that a space is reserved in their kitchen for the preparation of this star dish, which they prepare every morning over low heat, over live oak charcoal, thus complying with what is tradition in the Verdasco family.

La Cañada, a traditional stewPeriodista digital

Its peculiarity is its daily preparation in individual clay pots over the embers of oak charcoal. It is also the fourth generation, in this case of the Verdasco family, that today runs this business whose recipe can also be tasted in La Cañada –in Boadilla del Monte–

Madrid stew: the rebirth of a humble dish against the coldABC

The managers of Banco Santander, fans of the stew that is prepared in Fernando Verdasco's restaurantECD

On Sunday 27 the day of the stew is celebrated. Good product, traditional recipes and the way to be served. How do you like it? The countdown begins to find the perfect stew...

Cooked with solera: La CañadaSEMANA

La Cañada restaurant is located on the outskirts of Madrid in the town of Boadilla del Monte, in an extraordinary enclave where you can breathe fresh air in the middle of nature. An ideal place to enjoy traditional Spanish cuisine in any of its cozy lounges or in its magnificent terrace and garden.

La cañada, probably the best stew in MadridMadrid makes me fall in love

The galery

Come in, relax and enjoy the experience of our extensive wine cellar with the best traditional Spanish cuisine

Monday-Sunday: 13:00 pm – 18:00 pm

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<i>To go 13:00 pm-18:00pm</i>

Tuesday – Saturday: 20:00 pm – 1:00am

Do you want it at home?
<i>To go 20:00 pm-1:00am</i>